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Fascial Massage

Innstrument for fascial massageThis is a picture of my new “Dolphin” tool for fascial massage.  I was at a course on Saturday in Leinster rugby gym.  This should be good for lots of injuries but particularly older injuries with lots of scar tissue. I’m looking forward to using this to help more injuries. The Leinster gym is state of the art including an underwater treadmill. The rugby players were all a bit busy on Saturday, so unfortunately didn’t get to meet or treat any of them.

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Trigeminocervical Nucleus

Video clip of trigeminocervical nucleus explaining some of the links between upper cervical levels & migraine.


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Migraine Presentation Kilkenny

Migraine presentationKilkenny1

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Are you sitting comfortably?

Is the top of your screen at eye level?

Is it straight in front of you?

Is it fingertip distance away when your arm is outstretched?

Is your keyboard at hand level when you elbows are bent to right angles?

If not you might need to put your chair higher or lower?

Is your keyboard straight in front of you?

Are your thighs parallel to the floor?

If not, do you need a box or sheaf of paper under your feet?

Is your mouse beside your keyboard?

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Lots of Olympic Physiotherapists

Where’s the Physio?

Great meeting in London on Nov 4th. A review of all things physiotherapy at the Olympics & Paralympics.  Everything from the GB hockey captain’s (Kate Walsh) amazing comeback after fracturing her jaw in the first hockey match of the tournament to “autonomic dysreflexia” at the paralympics.

We also got the call to volunteer at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014!!

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busy week

I did a presentation to Wexford Rotary on Monday about my Olympic experience. Thanks to them for their interest. Today I gave a talk on exercise for osteoporosis to “hear our voice” group in New Ross. Tonight I’ve just watched my first “webinar” a great revision on treating migraine.

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This week’s Presentations

I did a presentation at this morning’s BNI meeting on my Olympic experience.  Thanks to all for indulging me.

I then went on and did a presentation for the men’s group in the Hope centre in Enniscorthy. The topic I covered was “Move More to Fight Cancer”. This was part of the ICSP’s Move4Health campaign. What a lovely place the Hope centre is. I got a warm welcome from Catherine and the men.  I hope they got something out of my talk. Fatigue seems to be very under-rated post cancer & cancer treatment.


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John Murray Show

Listen to Eithne’s interview on the John Murray Show this week about her olympic experience.



Eithne – John Murray Show

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I had a visit to the Polyclinic in the Olympic village yesterday. Attended an interesting workshop on shockwave therapy. I got a tour of the physiotherapy department. Great facilities for the athletes. I have to thank Lynn Booth, head physiotherapist for all the games && MarieElaine Grant of the IOC medical commission for helping me get in to the village.

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Olympic news

Met some of the Irish swimmers yesterday morning.  Some were a bit disapppointed with their heats but all have their best events to come.  Good Luck to them all. I was based at Water Polo yesterday.  What a physical sport!! American men had a good win, GB were up against it. The women are playing today.

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