The Physiotherapist

My name is Eithne Fitzpatrick (nee Hassett).  I am a Chartered Physiotherapist.  I have been in practice on the Main Street in Wexford (over Hassett’s Pharmacy) for over 20 years.  I have successfully diagnosed & treated thousands of individuals with a wide range of injuries and conditions including sports related injuries, back pain and neck pain.

My aim is to get your current injury better and help you maintain that improvement.

I had the honour of working as a physiotherapist at the London Olympics.  I worked with athletes involved in all the water sports.  It was an incredible experience.

Eithne Fitzpatrick

How to Get a Comfortable Night’s Sleep with Neck & Shoulder Pain

View our latest video on how to get a good night’s sleep or click the link below to see what we treat here at the clinic.

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