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Lower Back Conditions

Most people, around 80%, will have back pain at some stage during their lives. Most back pain is caused by muscle, ligament or joint sprain. It can also be caused by a slipped disc, trapped nerve, arthritis or osteoporosis.
The best way to deal with back pain is to stay as active as you can but problems are often complex & require a carefully monitored rehabilitation programme for complete recovery.

Posture correction
Muscle rebalancing
Ergonomic advice
Exercise advice & programme

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Changes in Clinic Services in response to Covid19

As per HSE guidelines, we are now providing some face-to-face appointments in our clinic.  We shall also be continuing to provide our videolink Tele-health service.

To find out which appointment type will be safest for you, contact us on or phone 0877920505

Working towards keeping our clients safe and well.